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Gold Rate in Coimbatore 916 22K & 24K

Daily Fast Updates

We update the gold rate within a few minutes when the local jeweler association fixes the gold rate in Coimbatore. So, you will get gold rates faster than other sites.

This gold rate will be applicable when you buy new gold ornaments and gold coins and gold bars at local stores in Coimbatore and it’s surroundings.

Here you can check 1 gram and 8 gram of 24 karat and 22 karat gold.

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Date Standard Gold (22 K) Pure Gold (24 k)
1 grm 1 grm

5810.00 6280.00

5785.00 6255.00

5800.00 6270.00

5780.00 6250.00

5780.00 6250.00

5760.00 6230.00

5740.00 6210.00

5750.00 6220.00

5810.00 6280.00

5830.00 6300.00
  • 24 K means pure gold, it contains 99.9 percent gold.
    22 K (or) 22 Karat is also called a 916 Gold.
  • 916 means 91.6 percent pure gold and in carat it is 22K.
  • Whether it is 22carat or 22K or 916, it’s all same and it has 91.6 percent purity.
  • Now a days, all 916 gold comes with hallmark certification.
  • **Additional Information to consider:** It is also important to keep in mind that the gold rate can vary from shop to shop, so it may be beneficial to do some research beforehand to compare prices and find the best deal.

  • This content is for educational purposes only and does not constitute financial advice. Please consult with a certified financial advisor to determine the best investment decisions to make.

Do you want to sell old Gold?

Read it carefully,

When you try to sell old gold, you will not get this rate. Usually old gold rate will be Rs.85 per gram lower than the current today’s gold price in chennai. Sometimes it may remain between Rs.50-120 and may go beyond than this in some un-usual days when there is no demand in local market, which is totally depends on local market condition. We don’t have control on it.

We try our level to give our customers highest price and we made this in the last 15 years and still we are doing. Whatever the price difference will be, still we are capable of providing highest price compared to all others in chennai. Our customers know this, that’s why they love us.

Do you know, you can buy new 24k and 22k 916 gold from us, below the original current price when the price difference is high. Vice versa when you sell, you will get lower than the current market price when the price difference is high.
So, when there is high demand for gold, then the price difference will becomes lower and you can sell old gold at just Rs.20 per gram lower than current gold price of chennai.

Price changes for old gold is happening daily and may sometimes twice a day. So, keep in touch with us when you are ready to sell old gold. You can check and evaluate final price with multiple gold buying companies and come to our store at last, we will give you higher than all other where you checked. It’s our 100% guarantee. Else you can demand us compensation, we are ready to compensate you.

To check today’s gold price of chennai, click the above link in header.

You can compare MSR Jewellery chennai price with other gold buying companies and sell where you get highest price. MSR Jewellery chennai is ready to compensate you with Rs.15,000 if you get more than there price quote. By the way you won’t get more price than MSR Jewellery, chennai.

You can Contact MSR Jewellery, Chennai at +91 63690 25876 to sell old gold.

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